Plumbing Issues: When to Call a Professional

plumbing-5Almost every home has its own plumbing tools. This allows the occupant to fix minor plumbing issues. It can be a clogged toilet or a slow draining drain. After a few elbow grease and working out on a plunger, minor issues get resolved easily. Other minor plumbing tasks involved replacement of worn out washer or changing a drain cover. However, for major plumbing problems, a professional help may be needed. Sometimes, attempting to fix minor issues like leaking toilers or solving slow drains would lead to even greater issues if the person who does the repair does not have enough plumbing skills and knowledge.

To prevent the cost that comes with major plumbing repairs, you need to conduct regular plumbing maintenance. This will spot any defective pipes that can burst anytime. Hence, the plumbing maintenance will correct the issue before it progresses. This can be hidden leaks found inside your sin drains. This can also be a problem in your water heater. Any issues on these areas will prevent possible will prevent the structure gives up. Water that seeps to the sheetrock promotes mold growth. If you have wooden floor or porous tile, this can get discolored when wet.


Sometimes, such routine maintenance task can be done by you. Remember that you are using your tubs and sinks daily. This makes them very vulnerable to wear and tear. So schedule a regular time to check them up. Look at the exposed pipes and those behind toilet tanks and under sinks. See if there is noticeable moisture on them. Though condensation is normally found on pipes during humid weather, you must never ignore any dampness seen on pipes, especially when the room is cooler.

Meanwhile, you must also look for corrosion signs found on copper or brass fittings. Corrosion is very common on damp metals and they can show signs of slow leak.

As for the water pressure, you can check this by turning sink faucets, tubs and showers. Normally, they must all have a steady flow. Inspection may include cleaning of faucets and aerators as well as cleaning of shower heads. Remember that they can be clogged with sediments which affect the flow of water.

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