Different Types of Fly Screen Mesh for the Home

fly-screensOne of the most frustrating things about having a large living room door is that it’s necessary to always keep it closed to prevent insects, particularly flies from entering the home. This frustration is even more apparent during summer months as the breeze passing through the neighborhood won’t be enjoyed if the doors and windows are closed. This is true with small doors as well. Letting insects dictate that doors should be closed isn’t a comforting thought.

To avoid this infuriating situation, home owners have to consider installing fly screens for windows and doors. Initially, people would imagine this as something looking horrendous and out of place in contrast to their window and door frames. That isn’t quite the case because manufacturers of fly screens are well aware that there is a significant number of customers who are particular with the aesthetics of their homes. This is why there are quite a lot of options for fly screen frames available in most distributors. On top of that, there are also companies that cater to custom designs for frames.

Aside from the obvious fact that fly screens for windows can help with keeping insects out as much as fly screens for doors, it can also adapt to any window types. With fly screens for doors, customers can choose between three main options. The first one is the standard fly screen mesh that works just like a door. It’s practically a second layer that can allow the main door to remain open while it would be kept close by spring mechanisms and will only open when applied with a mild push, one that humans wouldn’t find strenuous but is impossible for insects to budge.

The second type of fly screen mesh that home owners can choose from is the retractable type. This is ideal for large doors, one that generally opens up to the patio or the balcony. This is because its mesh is pleated and can allow a small opening when slid open or fully open and hide the fully folded mesh in a compartment on the sides.

The third type of fly screen mesh is one that’s becoming quite popular these days. Magnetic fly screens however, are generally used with doors and not on windows. The mechanism is quite simple. When a human passes through, the magnetic strips separate. After that, the mesh simply falls into place as the magnetic strips in the middle close the mesh in a neat manner.